Live Edition

Reinventing the perfume bottle

Creating a fragrance bottle for the digital age

Being one of the world’s biggest beauty companies, Coty continuously pushes the boundaries of the fragrance industry. They reached out to us to create a completely new way of selling perfume.

Using state of the art 3D printing technology, open source hardware and web based technology, we crafted a fragrance bottle that you’d want to take out of the cabinet and make it a center piece of your room.

A message in a bottle

Through an agile design process, we could create prototypes at a high pace and refine the product in hours rather than days. The finished product was an internet connected bottle which could store messages from your loved ones.

Thanks to wireless charging you can bring it with you without loosing functionality. The consumer can choose whatever shape she wants on the outer bottle. She can then subscribe to new scents through swap out vials.

With the Live Edition, we helped Coty paint a picture of the future in fragrance. The Live Edition is a concept bottle to lay out the way forward for the industry.

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