What The Whiff

A content platform to get millennials excited about fragrance

A content platform for millennials

The fragrance industry has a hard time attracting millennials. Many of the young adults have never bought a high end fragrance. This is bad news for one of the world’s biggest beauty companies – Coty. Our brief was to create a platform with content that attracts a younger audience, getting them interested in the world of scent.

The project included everything from strategy to execution. A soft launch was done in the UK and at the moment we are expanding to more countries.


Mobile first and content for the new generation

Since a majority of the target group’s surf time is done on smaller screens, the design started from a mobile first perspective.

Content wise we took a huge leap from the regular information provided by major beauty brands. Starting from the millennials own interests, product took a back seat to create something of real value for the next generation of fragrance users.

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